A Vision and More Risks

Amidst those whose heads are bobbing in the water, I see this one person standing straight and tall out from the water, rising above the rest and facing me. In an ideal case scenario, he would be holding my gaze and it will be strong and steady. But in this vision, his gaze strays and it is somewhat distracted, somewhat uncommitted.

I can already see my brainlings- my brain cells personified- forming two camps, taking sides. One side points out that he is standing above the rest and replays the first “2.5 hour of wonderful conversation and romantic date” and the subsequent precious time spent together. The other side reminds me to not throw caution to the wind as I have been known to do. To be prudent and careful and very discerning.

The distraction and lack of commitment are very understandable and relatable because I share those feelings also. Because when we think clearly about feasibility, circumstances and location, none are in our favour. If one only takes calculated risks- and ones does-, one would not take this risk.


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