Timely Realisations and Lessons

There was a pressing need to have my life figured out- to know what I want to do after I graduate, to find a job, to have a house and to start a family. This pressing need to know and to settle all these things have acted as a catalyst to deciding on a life plan for myself: I would finish my bachelor’s degree, work to save enough money for a masters then find a job and then settle down.

What I’ve realised recently- with innumerable reminders from different people nonetheless- is that there is no hurry to have everything figured and planned out now. That try as we might, we can plan all that we want but things may not go as planned and this will render all previous efforts null.

I am now starting to actually see that we have the years stretched out in front of us, that there is not yet an urgent rush to settle everything nor to settle down. And after all the fretting and planning, I am learning to live and to live now.


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